State legislators passed resolutions in favor of Bush tax cut, will personally deliver to their U.S. Senators

WASHINGTON – On Wednesday, May 9, 2001, Americans for Tax Reform (ATR) will sponsor a press conference with dozens of state legislators who support President Bush\’s tax relief plan. The event will be held at 11:30 a.m. in Room 428A of the Russell Senate Office Building.

The press conference is being held to give state legislators an opportunity to express their support for President Bush\’s tax relief proposal in Washington, DC and to deliver their respective body\’s resolution to their state Congressional delegation.

Each state legislator will make a brief statement and then hand deliver their legislative body\’s official resolution to one of their U.S. Senator\’s offices. Copies of the resolution will also be submitted to all other members of the legislators\’ respective Congressional delegation.

Each state legislator will be available to answer questions following the delivery of their respective resolutions to their Senators.

Grover Norquist, president of Americans for Tax Reform, issued the following statement on ATR\’s Legislative Advisory Project and its effect:

"Several weeks ago, when it became apparent that some members of the United States Senate were not going to support meaningful tax relief for working Americans, we decided the best way to remind the Senators they were elected by the people was to have those who best represent the citizenry of the states, their state legislators, pass resolutions urging their United States Congressional delegation to support the President\’s tax cut agenda.

"This is significant because there are Senators from states such as Montana, Georgia, and West Virginia whose citizens supported President Bush overwhelmingly last November, and by extension, the President\’s tax relief plan. The people spoke last fall. Now its time for those in the United States Senate to properly represent the voice and will of the voters in their states."