In New Hampshire\’s 1st district, Jeb Bradley will oppose new taxes, but his opponent, Martha Fuller Clark, has a record of supporting tax increases

WASHINGTON – In the coming Congressional elections, voters in New Hampshire\’s 1st district have a crystal clear decision: Do they vote for a candidate committed to holding the line on taxes, or for the candidate who has embraced every new tax increase in recent years?

Jeb Bradley has signed Americans for Tax Reform\’s "Taxpayer Protection Pledge," which commits a candidate to oppose any and all attempts to increase marginal income tax rates, or to eliminate any exemptions unless matched dollar for dollar by rate cuts elsewhere. His opponent, Martha Fuller Clark, has refused to take that pledge, demonstrating a willingness to raise taxes. In addition, she has voted for, and even sponsored, new taxes on income, transportation, golf, and video rentals.

"Jeb Bradley is a friend of New Hampshire taxpayers," said taxpayer advocate Grover Norquist, President of Americans for Tax Reform. "His promise not to raise taxes, and his record of strong opposition to a statewide property tax, show his commitment to low taxes and fiscal responsibility. It seems Martha Fuller Clark, on the other hand, has never met a tax she didn\’t like!"

Ms. Fuller Clark voted for the failed attempt to create a statewide income tax for the first time in New Hampshire history. She voted to apply a 5% tax on greens fees at New Hampshire golf courses, which would have cost New Hampshire golfers $3.5 million per year. And she personally sponsored two other tax hikes – allowing localities to increase the registration fees on all motor vehicles, and placing a tax on all video rentals across the state.

"Martha Fuller Clark is the New Hampshire taxpayer\’s worst nightmare," continued Norquist. "She has a record of nickel-and-diming the people to fund trendy spending programs. Jeb Bradley has promised to oppose such taxes, and to look out for the interests of taxpayers."