Jim Ryan, former Illinois Attorney General and current Republican candidate for state governor, has expressed his views on the idea of raising taxes: “to raise taxes during this recession is criminal.” While it is admirable that Ryan has stated his contempt for raising taxes, he has unfortunately refused to sign the Taxpayer Protection Pledge, in turn refusing to commit to the people of Illinois that he “will oppose and veto any and all efforts to increase taxes.” Can taxpayers trust him to protect their hard earned dollars? 

In a January 5th article in the Chicago Daily Herald Ryan said, “I don’t have to sign some phony pledge.” It is unfortunate that Jim Ryan feels that making a commitment to taxpayers by showing leadership and not raising taxes is phony. In the same article he was also quoted, saying of ATR that it is a “another special interest.” Working to protect taxpayers is a special interest? 
Also worrisome is Ryan’s history. In a 2007 article, Ryan’s spokesman acknowledged Ryan’s support to raise the state income tax in 2007.
ATR encourages all candidates to sign the pledge. More information on the Taxpayer Protection Pledge can be found at www.atr.org.