Yesterday the South Carolina House overrode Governor Sanford’s veto on House Bill 3584, legislation which would increase the tax on cigarettes by more than 700%. Sanford’s veto was overridden in the South Carolina House by a vote of 90-29. Sadly, 15 Taxpayer Protection Pledge signers voted to override Sanford’s veto of the largest tax increase the state has seen in over a quarter century. In casting “aye” votes yesterday, the following legislators broke a central campaign promise to their constituents: 

  • Jimmy Bales (H-80)
  • Bruce Bannister (H-24)
  • Kenneth A. Bingham (H-89)
  • Bill Bowers (H-120)
  • Joan Brady (H-78)
  • Marion Frye (H-39)
  • James Harrison (H-75)
  • Chip Huggins (H-85)
  • Lanny Littlejohn (H-33)
  • Jay Lucas (H-65)
  • James H. Merrill (H-99)
  • Rex Fontaine Rice (H-26)
  • Murrell Smith (H-67)
  • J. Roland Smith (H-84)
  • Annette Young (H-98) 

This vote for higher taxes at the state level comes at a time when South Carolina families and businesses are trying to cope with the $670 billion in higher taxes that have been passed out of Washington in just the past year.  Fortunately, this being an election year, Palmetto State taxpayers won’t have to wait long to hold these elected officials accountable for going against their word.