Image of President Joe Biden Speaking Joe Biden by Gage Skidmore is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Americans for Tax Reform invites you to play State of the Union Bingo tonight.

To help you get through Biden’s 9:00 p.m. Eastern Time speech, print out both bingo cards and play with your family and friends.

Click here for Bingo card 1

Click here for Bingo card 2

ATR has also included a helpful translation key:

Bottom up, middle out: Where the IRS will be lookingChildren and Grandchildren: The people picking up the tabInfrastructure: Anything but roads and bridges
Fair share: Tax HikeMy Fellow Americans: Tax HikeInvestment: Tax Hike 
Scranton: Sounds better than Rehoboth BeachNational Sales Tax: A bill that isn’t actually happening. The FAIR Tax is at a 20-year cosponsorship low point.Record Profits: I, as a politician, know the “correct” amount of profit
Inflation: It was only 1.7% when I took office. It’s 6.5% now. Not a joke: Usually a jokeBig corporations: Households will bear the burden of my corporate tax hikes.
Inflation Reduction Act: Tax hikes for the Green New DealFolks: Those on whom I want to raise taxes, even if they make less than $400,000 Price at the pump: Up $1 since I took office
Union Jobs: Unless they work with oil and gas or pipelinesElectric Vehicles: Luxury Vehicles subsidized up to $7500 by taxpayersStock Buybacks: I am proposing another tax hike on your 401K
I’m a capitalist, but…: Tax hikes and regulations incomingPrescription drugs: 95% tax on prescription drugs that will lead to fewer curesThanks for playing!