We hear a lot about the failings of socialised medicine in the UK and Canada, but these aren’t the only countries that have government-run health care. Australiaalso has a socialised health service, and the Australian Medical Association just realeased a report on hoslitals in Sydney.

The results – which conclude "not one hospital in Sydney is operating at a safe level" should not be a surprise to anyone.

In emergency rooms, only 66 per cent of "category three" (urgent, to be seen within 30 minutes) patients were seen within the recommended time. The median waiting time for non-urgent surgery has increased by four days to 39 days, and "one in four patients needing semi-urgent surgery, such as the removal of a breast lump, were being put at risk".

Moreover, the report states that the true waiting lists were hidden because many patients were waiting even to get on a list!

Welcome to the wonderful world of socialised medicine.