Social Security cannot afford to pay all of the benefits it has promised. Beginning in 2017, it will run cash deficits that get bigger every year.

Social Security has always been a program that provides a vital safety net for seniors. That safety net is in danger of becoming unraveled due to the poor rate of return younger workers face. Obviously, this problem is exacerbated for populations that are longer-lived than others. According to a new study from the Retirement Security Project, the population most at risk is Hispanics. Hispanics live on average longer than their Anglo or black counterparts. The average Hispanic 22 year old can expect to live to 82, compared to 79 for whites and 72 for blacks. Hispanics also have far less saved for retirement than other demographic categories. One could argue no group needs personal accounts in Social Security more than Hispanics.

The system has a problem, and we need to fix it. Personal accounts are the solution.

Hispanics Live Longer Than Anglos and Blacks, Need PRAs More
Source: The Retirement Security Project: Retirement Security for Latinos