Social Security cannot afford to pay all of the benefits it has promised. Beginning in 2017, it will run cash deficits that get bigger every year.

Opponents of personal accounts in Social Security often say that younger workers are not adequately prepared to take ownership and control of their retirement security. This is despite that fact that millions of younger workers already manage their nest egg quite ably through 401(k) plans and IRAs. Tomorrow’s younger workers are going to be even more prepared. 41 states now require personal finance training in high school. That is nearly double the number of states from just a few years ago. Younger workers are getting more and more savvy about saving for retirement: when will the politicians in Washington wise up themselves and allow personal accounts in Social Security?

Social Security has a problem, and we need to fix it. Personal accounts are the solution.

Overwhelming Majority of High School Students Must Take Personal Finance 101
National Council on Economic Education