With Congress currently gridlocked in Taxmageddon negotiations, and additional tax hikes scheduled to take effect under Obamacare, it is no surprise that a recent survey conducted by the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) affirms small employer pessimism and trepidation on these issues. The results of the survey make it known that small employers have little faith in Obama and his policies.

Of the 833 small employers surveyed, 62 percent favored repealing Obamacare compared to 24 percent who are for the law. When asked if they offer health insurance to employees, a whopping 94 percent of respondents confirmed they offer insurance to their employees.

The results of the survey also revealed that the majority of small employers associate themselves with Republicans and their policies – with 53 percent of respondents identifying themselves as Republican compared to 12 percent Democrat.  The gap between the two parties becomes even broader when looking at who small employers plan on voting for in the upcoming election.  As indicated in the survey, 68 percent intend on casting their votes for Romney and only 19 percent for Obama.

In regard to their views on Taxmageddon, 47 percent believe that a deal will not be reached by the January 1st deadline while 38 percent believe a deal will be made before the deadline. The result reflects clear uncertainty among employers that will inevitably impede job growth in the private sector if not resolved. 

When considering the survey’s results, it is evident that the Obama administration has failed to do its job of helping the “little-guy” and needs to reevaluate its policies.