According to the Seattle Times, Gov. Chris Gregoire (D) has approved a tax break for the state’s troubled newspaper industry.

Wait, I thought tax cuts did nothing to stimulate something economically and we needed the government to spend money to recover floundering industries? Shouldn’t the Washington state government actually tax the newspapers more and then create a bureaucracy devoted to spending that money on things like ludicrously expensive small airports that are near the newspapers’ headquarters?

It’s funny how expeditiously and efficiently relief comes when a union is in need of it. Of course, the same treatment is not good enough for the taxpayers; because if the government did something crazy like, let the taxpayers keep their money, then they wouldn’t have it to hand over to unions in need in spite of the Constitution. 
While we never oppose a tax cut, it would be nice to have that strategy extended to the citizens of this state and country who are also struggling to make ends meet. At least this is an admission that tax cuts do, in fact, help stimulate economic growth.