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On today’s episode of The Grover Norquist Show, Grover interviews ATR energy expert Justin Sykes about President Trump’s withdrawal from the costly and burdensome Paris Climate Accord. The Paris Accord  is a misguided product of the Obama Administration which would have increased costs to taxpayers, created new and unnecessary regulations on the energy market, and would have had negligible effects on the global climate. 

The Accord would have also put the U.S. at a large disadvantage to countries like China and India which would have been allowed to continue and increase current emissions levels for well over a decade before any reductions. 

Additionally, as part of the Paris Accord President Obama previously pledged to send billions in taxpayer dollars overseas to developing countries. Billions of taxpayer dollars have already been wasted on foreign handouts, none of which will remotely benefit American taxpayers.  As President Trump might say, the Paris Climate Accord was simply a “bad deal” for American taxpayers, consumers, and businesses.

President Trump made good on his campaign promise and his announcement of withdrawal from Paris will benefit American workers, taxpayers, and the U.S. economy.


Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore