a cap bill

In a recent letter to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (KY-R), four senators this week voiced their opposition to extending expiring renewable energy provisions as part of the FAA reauthorization bill. Senators Jeff Flake (AZ-R), Mike Lee (UT-R), James Lankford (OK-R), and Jeff Sessions (AL-R), took exception to current attempts by some in the Senate to attach tax credits for green energy to such an important and needed bill. 

In December, Congress approved the extension of green energy tax credits that have a price tag of $600 billion. The senators all agree that the desired impact of the tax credits will not line up to the left’s energy ideology.  They explain:

“This latest effort to hastily extend market-distorting tax policies is imprudent. Congress not only lacks critical information necessary to determine whether these credits are effective, but the information it does have suggests that some programs lack proper oversight.”

The addition of these tax credits to the FAA reauthorization bill is just another example of “green pork” being given to renewable energy special interests. These senators have nobly voiced their concern about the government further wasting money on unreliable energy sources that do not even make up a tenth of total energy production

Americans for Tax Reform applauds their efforts to oppose attaching green energy tax credits to the FAA Reauthorization package.


Photo credit: ElliottP