On January 25, a federal appeals court ruled that President Obama's "recess appointments" to the NLRB were an illegal and unconstitutional "abuse of power." 

The NLRB holds tremendous power in disputes between unions and employers, and Republican Senators were reluctant to approve Obama's hard-left, anti-busines union allies. 

But Obama, not letting the US Constitution's requirement for Senate approval of appointments get in his way appointed them anyway, claiming that they were valid "recess appointments" even though the US Senate was not in recess!

Now that these appointments have been ruled illegal, we will send moving boxes to the NLRB saying "Move Out" with your name on it. Just make a $5 donation below to help us over the cost of the box. 

ATR will deliver these boxes with your name on them to the NLRB to send Obama and his minions the message that their unconstitutional abuses of power will not be tolerated.