The Obamacare tanning tax is now in effect, breaking Pres. Obama’s “firm pledge” to never raise taxes of any kind on any family making less than $250,000 per year. Now is the perfect time to put the Obama Tax Hike Exemption Card into action and record the results.

The idea is this: when you go into a store to pay for a tanning session or buy cigarettes, when they try to charge you the new taxes signed into law by Obama, present the card to upon purchase. If challenged, pleasantly ask: “Are you calling President Obama a liar?”

Try this out on your local cashiers and take a video with your camera or cellphone. We want to see the reactions on people’s faces. Send your videos to [email protected].  We will post the best videos on our website. Help spread the word about Obama’s pledge-breaking tax hikes and use the card whenever you can.

It is a safe bet that many, if not most, of the patrons of tanning salons make less than $250,000 per year. These consumers need protection from the cigarette tax, tanning tax, and more than 20 other signed tax increases that have yet to take effect. That is why ATR created the Exemption Card. If you have not gotten your card, click here to order some for you, your family and your friends.