WASHINGTON – Americans for Tax Reform (ATR) today awarded Sen. Zell Miller (D-Ga.) "Friend of the Taxpayer" for the month of February. ATR has given the award to friends of the taxpayer every month since 1997.

ATR awards Sen. Miller Friend of the Taxpayer for his consistent dedication to cutting taxes for working American families. Last week, Miller pledged full support for the president\’s Economic Growth and Jobs tax cut package, which includes reducing personal income tax rates, abolishing the double taxation of dividends, and increasing small business expensing amounts. Recent press reports also indicate that Sen. Miller will be a prime sponsor of the legislation as well.

Miller\’s support for tax cuts is nothing new. Since being elected to the Senate, Miller co-sponsored President Bush\’s first tax cut package in 2001 and provided key support to passing the legislation. Miller has also been a constant critic of government waste in the budget. The Georgia Senator is the Senate Co-Chair of the Zero Capital Gains Tax Caucus, a bipartisan, bicameral caucus dedicated to eliminating the capital gains tax. To date, more than 100 members of Congress and 45 coalition groups have pledged support for the Caucus\’ efforts.

"At a time when obstruction and demagoguery rules the United States Senate, Sen. Miller is providing real leadership to reduce the tax burden on working families and restoring economic growth in America," said taxpayer advocate Grover Norquist, President of the Washington based Americans for Tax Reform. "With the economy lingering and some senators obstructing progress, it is reassuring that at least one elected official in the Democratic Party has the taxpayer and the health of this nation in mind. Sen. Miller\’s leadership will benefit all Americans and make this country stronger."