Organizers of the national “We Vape We Vote” bus tour praised Senator Ron Johnson (R-Wis.), State Assembly District 91 candidate Josh Stanley, and State Senate District 31 Candidate Dave Estenson for joining the tour in Eau Claire Saturday.

“Giving adults the freedom to quit smoking isn’t a right or left issue – it’s a right and wrong issue,” said Tim Andrews, Director of Consumer Issues at Americans for Tax Reform. “The medical evidence is not in doubt – vaping has the potential to save millions of American lives. It is a moral outrage that out of touch politicians remain beholden to special interest groups, deny the science, and vote to ban products that save American lives.  Twenty million American vapers thank Senator Johnson for constantly fighting for their rights in Senate,  and we also thank candidates Estenson and Stanley for stating unequivocally that if elected, they would do the same in Madison.”

“In addition to being the morally right thing for candidates to do, it’s also the politically smart thing to do. Polling consistently shows over thirds of America’s twenty million vapers consider this a vote moving issue– enough to swing elections. When it comes to November 8th, Wisconsin vapers will remember who is on their side”.

Democratic Senate Candidate Mandela Barnes did not respond to an invitation to attend the event.

Gregory Conley, Director of Legislative & External Affairs for tour co-sponsor American Vapor Manufacturers Association, also highlighted the small business impacts in Wisconsin. “Approximately 200 businesses and 900 direct jobs in Wisconsin are being threatened by government overreach. Now more than ever, it is critical that elected officials recognize that broad bans and new taxes will not just harm public health, but cost jobs and shut down vitally important small businesses as well.”


Media Contact: Tim Andrews, ATR’s Director of Consumer issues on 202-549-0346 or [email protected]