With all of the excitement about the Healthcare Bill, ever growing unemployment rate, Obama flying over seas (on a huge jet), and Sarah Palin signing books we felt it was a good time to update you all on the progress of the Cap and Trade Energy Tax making its way through the Senate. Here is what you need to know before you head off for your carbon-filled Thanksgiving festivities:
The ironically named “Clean Energy Jobs and American Power Act,” which will without a doubt not create jobs or produce American power, is currently undergoing hearings in the United States Committee on Finance. The last hearing was on Nov. 10-2009 titled “Climate Change Legislation: Considerations for Future Jobs.” Americans for Tax Reform President Grover Norquist submitted testimony for the hearing available here. The Finance Committee’s website does not have further hearings scheduled.
A recent headcount shows that as of Nov. 6, 2009 there are 27 Senators sitting on the fence. Those Senators are:


Max Baucus (Mont.)
Evan Bayh (Ind.) *
Mark Begich (Alaska)
Sherrod Brown (Ohio) *
Robert Byrd (W.Va.) *
Maria Cantwell (Wash.)
Claire McCaskill (Mo.) *
Kent Conrad (N.D.) *
Mark Pryor (Ark.) *
Jay Rockefeller (W.Va.) *
Byron Dorgan (N.D.) *
Arlen Specter (Pa.)
Debbie Stabenow (Mich.) *
Jon Tester (Mont.)
Carl Levin (Mich.) *
Blanche Lincoln (Ark.) *
Jim Webb (Va.) *
Bob Corker (Tenn.)
Susan Collins (Maine)
Richard Lugar (Ind.)
John McCain (Ariz.)
Lindsey Graham (S.C.)
Judd Gregg (N.H.)
George LeMieux (Fla.)
Lisa Murkowski (Alaska)
Olympia Snowe (Maine)
George Voinovich (Ohio)

* Gang of 15 | Italics: Faces re-election in 2010 | Bold: Retiring

If you see your Senator on this list, we encourage you to call them and let them know where you stand on this massive job killing energy tax.