Today, Senator Reid announced he will hold votes on motions to proceed to the House Budget and the Obama Budget, as well as alternative plans offered by Senators Toomey and Paul. According to Senate Rules, if the chamber has not passed a budget by April 15 (this should sound familiar – it’s been over 750 days since Senate Democrats produced a budget plan), any budget that is on the calendar can be called up as a privileged resolution. Rather than craft their own budget, Senate Democrats are trying to show a lack of support for the House Budget by calling a vote to proceed to debate on it. As an alternative, Senate Democrats can only offer the President’s budget, which Obama himself rejected a mere two months after he introduced it.

If the only alternative to actually budgeting is a plan the author himself has rejected, you might think Senate Democrats would be a little more invested in crafting their own spending blueprint. Instead, they have spent the better part of the afternoon assailing the House’s budget plan, failing to grasp the hypocrisy that this marks the second year they have failed to produce their own. Despite this demagoguery, the House Budget is the only plan that ends the government’s spending binge, saves the entitlement programs and puts the country on the road to fiscal solvency without punishing taxpayers.

Senate Democrats think they’re making a political point by putting this budget up for a vote, when their alternative is a plan even the President no longer supports. They probably should have thought a little harder about what exactly that point might be.