As the EPA continues to stonewall Congress, Senator David Vitter discovered that former EPA administrator Lisa Jackson, a.k.a. Richard Windsor, used a fake alias to communicate with interest groups. This revelation represents just the latest example of the EPA’s blatant disregard for calls to be more open and transparent.

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In a press release Vitter said:

"EPA has shown an absolute disregard for transparency with their email practices, but this one is pretty bizarre…We also know now that Lisa Jackson used the alias ‘Richard Windsor’ to correspond outside of the EPA, including with environmental activists.  There are still a lot of unanswered transparency questions, and Jackson’s replacement, nominee Gina McCarthy, is responsible for answering them and reinforcing transparency as a priority for the future of the Agency.”

This comes after a letter was sent to the Senate Environment and Public works committee by conservative groups highlighting their concerns over transparency at the EPA and Lisa Jackson’s successor, Gina McCarthy:

“The Windsor-gate scandal that precipitated Lisa Jackson's departure was only the latest example.  The agency has also refused to release the underlying data for benefit claims for rules that impose billions of dollars of economic costs, skirted FOIA requests, and evaded public participation by entering into secretly-negotiated settlement agreements with left-wing interest groups.”

The latest batch of e-mails illustrates a clear pattern of deception. Before the Senate considers Gina McCarthy, the American people should be assured that the EPA will change how it does business.  

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