Arkansas Senator votes against any chance of repeal or reform of the Death Tax

WASHINGTON— Today Senator Mark Pryor disappointed his constituents with his vote against consideration of full repeal of the Death Tax. By voting “nay” on the motion to proceed, he essentially ruined any opportunity to even discuss a compromise.

This position is in stark contrast to some of his previous statements on the issue. This statement is in direct opposition to comments found on his website. Pryor said, “To make sure younger producers have the opportunity to farm on the same land passed down for generations, I support the permanent repeal of any estate tax that threatens family farmers.” Sen. Pryor also said, “I support the permanent repeal of an estate tax that harms small businesses and family farms.”

“Today Sen. Pryor has shown his true colors,” said Grover Norquist, president of Americans for Tax Reform. “Sadly, Pryor has sided with the likes of liberal Senators Harry Reid and Ted Kennedy rather than his constituents back in Arkansas. This is a sad day for all small businesses, farmers, and ranch owners, and most important the Arkansas voters who were betrayed by his vote. They will, eventually, not be able to pass down their family businesses to the next generation.”

Because of the outcome yesterday, the Death Tax will revert back to its pre-2001 tax levels starting in 2011. That means if no changes are made before 2011 then all estates will be taxed at 55% with a tax exemption of $1 million.

“It just astounds me that Senators will not support permanent repeal of the Death Tax,” continued Norquist. “Its clear a majority of Americans support its repeal and do not believe it moral to tax someone at their death. These Senators are clearly more concerned with spending our money than allowing families to pass down their hard work to the generations to come.”

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