With Sen. Lincoln (D-Ark.) recently announcing that she will vote no on cloture for the Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA), we are wondering why her colleague Sen. Mark Warner (D-VA) is continuing to say that he will support the cloture motion to move this bill forward?

Sen. Lincoln said recently:

"I cannot support that bill," Lincoln said, according to one attendee. "Cannot support that bill in its current form. Cannot support and will not support moving it forward in its current form."

However, her colleague continues to support taking away a workers right to a federally supervised private ballot election when voting on unionization. Correspondence being sent out by Sen. Warner’s office reads:

"I believe there is a need for reform in this area, and that EFCA should be debated and voted upon by the Senate.  I intend to evaluate any prevailing proposal to ensure that it allows workers and employers to be adequately informed and that it ultimately provides a fair and level playing field for both management and labor."



Really? Sen. Warner believes that a bill that will cost 600,000 jobs in 2010 alone and will give unions the right to use intimidation and violence to force workers to sign a card needs to be "debated and voted upon?"

Even Sen. Specter (R-Penn.) who supported the bill in 2007 understands that this is not good for the economy.

With 74% of rank-and-file union members opposing EFCA – why is Sen. Warner still supporting it?

The Alliance for Worker Freedom (www.workerfreedom.org) is encouraging the citizens of Virginia to call or write to Sen. Warner’s office and urge him to oppose the mis-named Employee Free Choice Act and protect the right of a private ballot when working Americans vote on unionization.

Contact Sen. Warner and tell him to oppose cloture on EFCA!

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