Indiana needs a U.S. Senator willing to stand up to the tax and spend crowd in Washington, D.C. With  Senate Democrats failing their most basic responsibility of passing a budget, conservatives , now more than ever, need to know their Senator will stand up to the calls for more government spending, more government pork, and higher taxes.

Unfortunately after thirty years, Sen. Lugar still refuses to be that senator. While Lugar claims to be a fiscal conservative, his record doesn't show it.

Sen. Richard Lugar’s fiscal record includes:

  • Refusing to sign the Taxpayer Protection Pledge promising to oppose net tax hikes. Roughly 98% of House Republicans, and the entire Indiana GOP delegation, have signed the Pledge.
  • Voting for the “grand compromises” in 1982 and 1990 that promised spending cuts for massive tax hikes. The tax hikes happened, but the spending cuts didn’t
  • Voting against eliminating the second round of TARP funds
  • Voting for SCHIP, a massive expansion of government healthcare
  • Voting against establishing an earmark moratorium to end wasteful, pork-barrel spending
  • Voting to bail out the auto manufacturers with taxpayer dollars

Does this record sound like the history of a true fiscal conservative? Tuesday, May 8, is an important step in correcting the direction of this country.  Sign up below to be reminded on Tuesday, May 8 to be a voter: