No surprise here. In his first act of official legislative business, the freshman Senator from Minnesota co-sponsors the S. 560, the Employee Free Choice Act. AWF issued the following release:

No Surprise Here: Al Franken Co-Sponsors Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA)
First piece of legislation sets standard for liberal streak

WASHINGTON, D.C. —  The newly confirmed freshman Senator from Minnesota, Al Franken (D) announced that he has co-sponsored S. 560, the Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA) also known as “card check” in front of the AFL-CIO headquarters.

This anti-worker piece of legislation will have the following effects:

o    Cost an estimated 600,000 American jobs in the first year alone
o    Eliminates the federally supervised secret ballot election process
o    Open workers up to threats, harassment and intimation by union members
o    Replaces the will of workers with the whims of government arbitrators
o    Empowers government arbitrators to unilaterally “render a decision” after just 120 days of bargaining, thereby dictating contract terms upon workers and employers alike
o    Workers and employers will have less motivation to negotiate reasonably
o    Workers will be forced to participate in dangerously underfunded multi-employer pension plans
o    Fails to identify how arbitrators will be appointed, which opens the door to further uncertainty and governmental mischief
“It is no surprise that Al Franken is falling lock-step behind the Reid-Pelosi-Obama union funded agenda,” says AWF Executive Director Brian Johnson. “At a time when American workers need to keep their money, Senator Franken wants to force them to pay union dues and force them into underfunded pension plans and force them to surrender their bargaining rights to a union boss.”
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