While the Texas gubernatorial race between Greg Abbott and Wendy Davis gets most of the media’s attention, there is another important statewide race taking place in Texas this year, the one to succeed Susan Combs as state comptroller.

This week Texas state Rep. Harvey Hilderbran signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge in his bid to become the Republican nominee for comptroller, becoming the second candidate in the race to make this important commitment to Texas taxpayers.

Earlier this week, ATR announced Texas state Sen. Glenn Hegar became the first candidate in the race to sign the Taxpayer Protection Pledge. Lone Star State voters are fortunate to have multiple candidates running who have committed to opposing any and all efforts to raise state taxes.

With Susan Combs, Texans have been fortunate to have had a strong conservative and policy innovator as their state comptroller for the last decade.  Combs has been a pioneer in the movement to increase government financial transparency by putting all state government expenditures online and in a searchable format. The government transparency movement that began in Texas has since spread across the country, with the majority of other states having since followed Texas’s lead.

Combs has endorsed Glenn Hegar to replace her as comptroller. The primary elections will be held March 5th.