On Monday July 23 Rep. Carlos Curbelo (R-Fla.) will introduce a bill to impose a massive carbon tax on his constituents and the American people.


Imposes a massive tax directly on American manufacturers. Bill excerpt: “The point of taxation shall be for products manufactured in the United States, the manufacturing facility.”

Gives unfettered power to the EPA chief to impose carbon taxes. The bill makes a long list of industries subject to the carbon tax, and then lets the EPA boss add to that list at will. Bill excerpt: The EPA Administrator may “add any product to this list by rule.”

Encourages states to impose carbon taxes on top of the federal carbon tax. Americans will end up paying federal AND state carbon taxes.

Abusive penalties for non-payment of carbon taxes. The penalty amount is “equal to 3 times the applicable amount”. Bill excerpt: Americans shall be liable for payment to the Secretary, without demand, of a penalty equal to 3 times the applicable amount specified by those sections for the same tax year as the year in which the person failed to comply with such requirements.”

Authorizes a UN-style “National Climate Commission.”

Authorizes said “National Climate Commission” to shovel taxpayer money to “consultants”. The left wing activists who authored the bill wrote themselves in as beneficiaries. Bill excerpt: “The Commission is authorized to procure the services of experts and consultants”.

“This is a direct attack on American manufacturing and competitiveness,” said Grover Norquist, president of Americans for Tax Reform. “It also sets up an earmark for left wing activists who would be paid as ‘consultants’ with taxpayer money.”

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