Democratic 2020 presidential candidate Bernie Sanders continues to make one thing clear: If he is elected he will raise your taxes.

While campaigning in New Hampshire on May 28, Sanders was asked how he plans to pay for his controversial “Medicare for All” proposal for socialized healthcare. In response, Sanders stated, “What it will probably end up looking like is a payroll tax on employers, an increase in income tax in a progressive way for ordinary people.”

Sanders remains vague on how exactly he will pay for “Medicare for All.” In the past, he’s provided a vague list of “options,” but no specifics. These “options” will increase taxes by $14.3 trillion over the next decade, according to an estimate of Americans for Tax Reform. This would pay for roughly half of the cost of single-payer healthcare, which costs between $32 trillion and $36 trillion according to estimates.

This is not the first time that Sanders has called for raising taxes. During an April 15th Fox News town hall in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania Sanders said, “You’re going to pay more in taxes.” He went on to say, “Are people going to pay more in taxes? Yes.”