Ryder System, Inc. to Award Tax Reform Bonuses to Employees

Miami-based Ryder System, Inc. will give special tax reform employee bonuses totaling $23 million, the company said in a filing late Monday. Ryder, with locations pretty much everywhere in the USA will pay the bonuses in February to all non-incentive bonus eligible employees.

Ryder has 31,300 employees in North America. Ryder manages 234,100 vehicles, has 44 million square feet of warehouse space, has 7,700 drivers, 5,900 technicians, and 800 maintenance facilities.

The company is now listed on the compilation of companies giving tax reform bonuses, raises, and 401(k) matches, at www.atr.org/list

An excerpt from the Ryder filing reads as follows:

In connection with the anticipated benefit of the Tax Act, the Company awarded a

one-time cash bonus, estimated to be approximately $23 million or $0.27 per

diluted share, to all non-incentive bonus eligible employees of the Company

employed on December 31, 2017. The bonus will be paid to eligible employees in

February 2018. – Jan. 29, 2018 Ryder System, Inc. filing