Russell Simmons recently posted a blog post on the site GlobalGrind where he claims that “Obamacare has saved thousands, if not millions of lives.”

But based on a map released by millions of people have been dropped by their insurance companies. And now there are new reports coming out that there will be millions more dropped from their current insurance  by the time mid-term elections roll around. The ones that are affected the most by this newest roll out would be small business owners.

Simmons blog post continues on to blast the 39 Democrats who wanted to slightly modify the ACA. He threatens that if they don’t walk this way they will be replaced.

“So if you want to keep your job…buckle up, stand with the people who got you elected, and protect our President from the vicious attacks coming from those who are more interested in a failing America, than a healthy and prosperous America.”

Simmons blatantly ignores the fact that Obamacare costs tax payers over $4.5 Billion.

It’s okay, Russell, math is tricky tricky tricky.