Ronald Reagan Legacy Project Commends Governor DeSantis for Proclaiming Ronald Reagan Day in Florida

182 dedications to Reagan worldwide 

The Ronald Reagan Legacy Project commends Governor Ron DeSantis for proclaiming February 6 as Ronald Reagan Day in Florida. He joins a large bipartisan group of governors across the nation in commemorating the birthdate of America’s 40th President. 

President Reagan worked to restore the American spirit and instill a sense of pride in the nation during a time of immense challenges. He believed strongly in the power of the individual and worked tirelessly to promote these ideals both at home and abroad. His sunny optimism and unique ability to connect with the American people directly endeared him to millions of Americans. 

During his two terms from 1981 to 1989, President Reagan’s focus on individual liberty and economic freedom led to one of the longest economic expansions in American history. And his “peace through strength” approach led to the demise of the Soviet Union and freed millions of people from the horrors of communism. 

“Ronald Reagan created the modern Republican party of limited government, low taxes, and a strong national defense.  He used that party to change the nation.  And then he changed the world,” said Grover Norquist, chairman of the Ronald Reagan Legacy Project. 

Each year, the Ronald Reagan Legacy Project works to have every governor proclaim February 6 as Ronald Reagan Day in honor of President Reagan’s birthday. The Project also tracks and encourages the dedication of roads, schools, and other local landmarks to Reagan throughout the world. There are currently 158 domestic dedications to the former president, and 24 dedications internationally

In Florida there are at least ten dedications to Reagan: 

  • Ronald W. Reagan Doral Senior High School (Doral)
  • Ronald Reagan Parkway (Hillsborough and Polk Counties)
  • Ronald W. Reagan Memorial Highway (Jacksonville)
  • Ronald W. Reagan Presidential House (Florida International University)
  • Ronald Reagan Avenue (Miami)
  • Reagan Avenue (Seffner)
  • Ronald Reagan Boulevard (Seminole County)
  • Ronald W. Reagan Post Office Building (West Melbourne)
  • Ronald Reagan Boulevard (Seminole County)
  • Ronald Reagan Turnpike

The Ronald Reagan Legacy Project is a special project of Americans for Tax Reform. The group championed the naming of Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport. The naming was passed by the House and Senate and signed into law by President Bill Clinton (D) on Feb. 6, 1998. 

If you have an idea for a new Reagan dedication, contact Jack Baum at 202-785-0266 or via [email protected]. For a full list of governors who proclaimed Ronald Reagan Day, visit