The Ronald Reagan Legacy Project is committed to preserving the legacy of one of America’s greatest presidents throughout the nation and abroad.  Every year RRLP asks governors all across the nation to proclaim February 6, “Ronald Reagan Day.”  In 2009, there were 31 governors made such a proclamation.  More than one-third of them were Democrats who crossed party lines to honor our 40th President. 

In addition to ensuring that every February 6th is known as “Ronald Reagan Day,” we work to encourage the naming of landmarks, buildings, roads, etc. after the Gipper.  We continue compiling a list of Reagan dedications that remind of the life and legacy of President Reagan. Each one of these dedications, whether it be the Ronald Reagan Parkway in Indianapolis, IN or Ronald Reagan National Airport in Arlington, VA; each and every dedication serves as a teaching moment for generations to come.  Every time Ronald Reagan is brought up in conversation after passing by a dedication, this is an opportunity to further his legacy.
The critics who said his straightforward solutions to America’s challenges were too simplistic were wrong.  If the government is spending too much, spend less.  If tax rates are too high, reduce them. If the government is printing too much money, print less.  If your enemies threaten you, be stronger than they are. 
Reagan’s leadership left a resounding impact on the lives of citizens hear at home and individuals worldwide.  His policies led us out of double-digit inflation, twenty percent plus interest rates, and double-digit unemployment.  Abroad, his disdain for communism moved him to set in place policies that would see the Soviet Union fall.
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-There are more than 100 Reagan dedications worldwide, but this is not sufficient.  We ask you to join us in advocating for more dedications at the city, county, state, or federal level.  If you are working on such a project, please email Nathan Pick, executive director of the Ronald Reagan Legacy Project at [email protected] .
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