Americans for Tax Reform, the Media Research Center, and the Health Care Freedom Coalition are hosting a health care panel/press conference "Real Health Care Reform: More Choices, Lower Cost, No Tax Hikes – And Why Government Medicine is a Bad Idea today at noon EST.

If you can’t make the panel/press conference, which serves as a counter to the ABC News White House health care vent/infomercial taking place today as well, there are several venues that allow you to follow the Response to ObamaCare:

Live Streaming Tea Party Patriots Social Networking Site and on the Tea Party Patriots Ustream Channel.

Video On Demand Pajamas Media will have the video on demand later tonight

Patriots Heart Network on Blog Talk Radio:

Conference Call Dial In Number: 712-432-3900 Access Code:  449180

Here are the details on the event again:

What:  Real Health Care Reform:  More Choices, Lower Cost, No Tax Hikes  and Why Government Medicine is a Bad Idea


Sen. Jim DeMint (R-S.C.) Chairman, Senate Steering CommitteeIntroduction of the Health Care Freedom Act

Rep. Tom Price (R-Ga.) – Chairman, Republican Study Committee – House conservative efforts on a health reform alternative

Douglas Holtz-Eakin, Ph.D. former Director, Congressional Budget Office – Why Government Health Care Is Expensive and CBO Is Correct

Merrill Matthews Jr., Ph.D. — Director, Council for Affordable Health Insurance – Why a Government Plan Is a Bad Idea

Greg Scandlen — Director, Consumers for Health Care Choices – Why Government Mandates are Bad Ideas

Rick Scott – Chairman, Conservatives for Patients’ Rights – Why Government Health Care Leads to Rationing

Victor Schwartz – Chairman, Public Policy Group, Shook, Hardy & Bacon – Medical Malpractice Reform

Shona Holmes – Patients United Now – First Hand Experience with Canadian Health Care

Jenny Beth Martin – National Coordinator, Tea Party Patriots

Grover Norquist – President, Americans for Tax Reform– Emcee

When:  Wednesday, June 24 at 12:00 Noon

Where:  Cannon House Office Building, Room 210

RSVP To:  [email protected]