Today, House Republicans released their short-term funding measure to be considered for the current fiscal year, which began on October 1, 2010. After Democrats refused to pass a long-term measure that would have set spending at sustainable levels for the remainder of the year, House Republicans have stepped up to the plate with another short term resolution that cuts spending and keeps the government funded until April 8.

The measure will cut $6 billion from current spending, including $2.6 billion in wasteful earmarks. The bill gives Democrats three weeks to stop vacillating on budgeting for the fiscal year – when this Continuing Resolution expires, Democrats will have wasted over half of the fiscal year trying to prolong their unsustainable spending agenda.

“Clinging to the vestiges of their failed big spending agenda, Democrats would do well to learn the lessons taxpayers keep trying to teach them,” said Americans for Tax Reform President Grover Norquist.  “Their resounding defeat in November should have been warning enough to the big spenders left in Congress that they need to change their ways. Voting against their own plans to fund the government because they simply don’t pass the laugh test is a start – but now Democrats need to get serious about spending for the rest of the fiscal year. Simply saying “no” is no longer an option.”