Americans for Tax Reform applauds Maine Representative John Andrews for his decision to launch and lead a Taxpayer Protection Caucus in the Maine House of Representatives. The Taxpayer Protection Caucus will consist of Maine legislators who have committed in writing to oppose and vote against any legislation that would impose a net tax hike. 

Taxpayer Protection Caucuses have been formed in legislative chambers in more than half of the 50 states. Americans for Tax Reform is working to organize such caucuses in all 99 state legislative chambers in the U.S. 

“Maine is home to the nation’s 13th highest tax burden and an unacceptably high income tax rate. Between this and the fact that state spending in Maine has long outpaced growth in population and inflation, there is simply no excuse for lawmakers in Augusta to further raise state taxes,” said Grover Norquist, president of Americans for Tax Reform. “I applaud Representative John Andrews for his leadership in organizing the Taxpayer Protection Caucus in the Maine House of Representatives, which will serve as a crucial bulwark against efforts to further raise Maine’s already high tax burden.” 

U.S. House GOP Whip Steve Scalise, who served as chairman of the Taxpayer Protection Caucus when he was a Louisiana state senator, explains the value and utility of having a Taxpayer Protection Caucus in your state legislature: 

“As a former chairman of the Louisiana Taxpayer Protection Caucus, I and other conservative legislators banded together to protect individuals, families, and small businesses from higher state taxes,” said Congressman Scalise. “The caucus was essential for us to stick together as we offered alternatives to responsibly manage a balanced budget and protect paychecks.” 

Florida, which is now home to many former and part-time Mainers, also has a Taxpayer Protection Caucus in the state legislature. Representative Bob Rommel, who chairs that caucus in the Florida House, explains why a Taxpayer Protection Caucus is needed even in a red state like Florida and why it’s a good idea for state legislators to organize such caucuses in other states, both blue and red, as Representative Andrews is doing in Maine. 

“Every year, there is more pressure by third party groups and liberals to raise taxes and increase spending,” said Representative Bob Rommel, who notes that his the Taxpayer Protection Caucus “will be ready for action and to stop any proposed new taxes.”

“I look forward to working with incumbents and candidates to help them understand and sign the Taxpayer Protection Pledge,” said Representative John Andrews. “This is a commitment in writing to the taxpayers of Maine that we will oppose and vote against any efforts to raise taxes. Inflation is not going away and we need to be looking to lessen the tax burden that Mainers are facing. Candidates signing on the dotted line to not increase the tax burden on their constituents is a great first step.”