Reform FDA’s Deeming Regulations in First 100 Days of Trump Administration

Throughout his campaign, Donald Trump vowed to eliminate and repeal a wide range of burdensome regulations on American businesses and taxpayers. The D.C.-based news publication The Hill reports that one of the “top regulations in Trump’s crosshairs” could be “expanded tobacco rules” recently issued by the Food and Drug Administration. 

These rules including deeming vapor products as tobacco, subjecting manufacturers to prohibitively expensive pre-approval hurdles over the next two years. The impact of the FDA’s war on vaping will be the loss of more than 10,000 jobs and the elimination from the market of thousands of vapor products that smokers have used to quit. 

Sign the petition to urge Congress and President Trump to re-examine the impact of the FDA’s deeming regulations in 2017 and consider regulatory changes that will result in a more favorable treatment of the products in the U.S. Petitions will be delivered to the President-elect and Congressional leadership.