Repeal Ohio’s Electricity Reduction Mandate

Ohio’s Electricity Reduction Mandate is a failed big government policy that must be repealed. The Electricity Reduction Mandate, which was intended to save Ohioans money, is actually costing residents money every month: Ohioans are currently paying over $3.00 per month for a benefit of only $0.37 cents.

The Ohio electricity mandate requires Ohio electricity producers to reduce their customers’ electricity usage in increasing amounts each year. Because of this broken law, Ohio’s electricity producers waste capital on compliance costs and have been forced to reduce energy production.  All of this means that Ohio residents will see their energy costs continue to rise as producers scramble to cover the costs of the mandate.

As of 2014, Ohio electricity producers will have spent over $1 billion to comply with the mandate. As a result, Ohio electricity producer’s compliance budgets are growing at a rate of 12% per year. If the current compliance rates continue, Ohio residents will be paying over $500 million per year as a result of the mandate with few environmental benefits.

It’s time to tell Ohio law makers that the Electricity Reduction Mandate is hurting Ohio consumers and businesses and must be repealed.