Congressman Peter Roskam -- ATR 2018 Tax Day

At Americans for Tax Reform’s annual Tax Day Eve Press Conference last Thursday, House Ways and Means Committee Member Peter Roskam (R-Ill.) contrasted the GOP’s agenda of economic growth and middle class tax relief with the Democrat proposals of divisiveness and higher taxes:

“There’s two competing views of the American economy that are competing for the affections of the American people right now. They’re particularly competing for the affections of millennials who are coming of age in this season.

“Here’s the two views. On the one hand, you’ve got the political left that articulates a world view that is zero sum game economics. That is, if somebody is successful it comes at the expense of someone else.

“We reject that view. Instead, we say that’s not the way the economy is, and that’s not the trajectory of who the American people have been, and that’s not where our future lies.

“Our future lies in the notion that growth is good, and that growth is invitational. We’ve got to be sensible as it relates to making sure that more people can participate in that growth. But at its foundation, H.R.1 and its signature into law was an exoneration of this notion that growth is good.”

Congressman Roskam represents Illinois’ 18th district. ATR has compiled a list of Illinois companies giving tax-cut bonuses and raises, available here. The national list of companies can be found here.

Rep. Roskam’s full remarks and the press conference in its entirety can be found below and here: