A undisclosed constituent of Rep. Tom Petri (R-WI) has confirmed to ATR that when his office was asked about the pending vote today onH.R. 2545, the ‘American Clean Energy and Security Act’, also known as the Waxman-Markey cap-and-trade bill, his staffer said "obviously he hasn’t read the bill."

The full telephone exchange is below:

XXXXX: "Can you tell me if Mr. Petri has read the bill? I’m very concerned that he has not had the time to digest the bill and understand it before voting on it and I don’t think he should be voting for legislation he hasn’t read"

Petri Staffer: “obviously he hasn’t read the bill – its 1200 pages long.”

XXXXX: "So you are admitting to me that my Representative is going to be voting on a bill he hasn’t bothered to read?"

Petri Staffer: "Well can you let me finish?! I’m telling you that he read the important parts. You’re interrupting me."

XXXXX: "But he hasn’t read the whole thing? I don’t appreciate, as a constituent of Rep. Petri’s, being snapped at by his intern who just admitted to me that he won’t be reading a very important piece of legislation, especially after the 3 billion in taxes that has already been levied against Wisconsinites this year. As a republican it isn’t prudent for him to vote on this bill, much less for him to not read it first."

Call Rep. Petri and demand he vote NO on a massive energy tax that will hurt you and your family at 202-225-2476 or send him a letter here.