John Gizzi’s article in Newsmax detailed Americans for Tax Reform president Grover Norquist’s response to Rep. John Dingell blaming the Taxpayer Protection Pledge for Congress’s inefficacy.

After Newsmax read Dingell’s words to him later that day, Norquist replied: “It’s very flattering and there’s real wisdom in his words. Mr. Dingell is wrong in citing me, but quite correct in citing the pledge as a substantial blow to the left. This is a high honor.”

What Dingell means by Congress working, Norquist said, “is through raising taxes and that the pledge has made it difficult for government to work as it did for so many of the years he was in Congress.”

The Associated Press ran an article featuring Grover Norquist’s warnings to the Indiana Tax Summit about hidden tax increases as the state considers overhauling their tax code.

How can officials avoid pushing the electorate into the kind of cynicism infecting national politics? Winning the support needed for major tax reform will be especially difficult, said tax activist Grover Norquist, because the natural suspicion is that a tax increase will be hidden somewhere in the reform.