On June 5, the occasion of the anniversary of the death of Ronald Wilson Reagan, Grover Norquist, chairman of the Ronald Reagan Legacy Project issued the following statement:   

“We know our 40th President Ronald Wilson Reagan, is missed by his family.  Not only does his family miss him, but so does the United States of America and many peoples around the world. Seeing attempts to solve the problems our country faces by means of more spending, more taxation, and bigger government; we not only miss the man Ronald Reagan was, but we also miss his judgment.

How he viewed the government’s role in the lives of citizens and how we relate to the world as a nation can be found quite simply in two quotes:  First, ‘The reality is that we must find peace through strength’ stating his foreign policy and Second, ‘Government is not a solution to our problem, government is the problem’ stating his economic policy.  On the anniversary of Reagan’s passing, our President and Congress would show a great deal of wisdom in heeding these views that our fortieth President encompassed in these quotes.”

For a PDF of the Ronald Reagan Legacy Project's press release remembering Ronald W. Reagan, click here.