The latest proposal by the nefarious nanny staters who run the EPA is not just reckless – it’s stupidity of a government magnitude. Administrators are currently considering releasing a Chemical Action Plan (CAP) for siloxanes, a group of common silicone compounds that have the practical application of making life easier in every way, shape and form. Siloxanes are ubiquitous in the consumer marketplace and have enabled the modern development of the transportation, technology and construction industries. Cosmetics and other household products owe their utility to silicones, while the healthcare industry would be paralyzed without it; siloxanes are inert, bacterial-resistant and hypoallergenic making them the perfect polymer for surgical equipment, medical adhesives, prostheses, and intravenous supplies while aiding absorption of topical lotions and medicines.

What’s more, silicones contribute significantly to energy efficiency; their use in tires and automobile parts increases fuel efficiency by providing lighter and more sustainable components. Their sealant properties provide high-efficiency insulation for buildings while their use in coatings in manufacturing cuts down on friction resulting in more efficient production. Restricting the use of siloxanes, then, is a peculiar initiative for an agency that has spent billions of tax dollars lobbying for “green” enterprises.  

Restricting the use of a chemicals with such broad application could have catastrophic implications for the economy, causing job loss by the millions and paralyzing succesful industries.

Even more disconcerting is the EPA's use of a CAP to limit the use of siloxanes. CAPs allow the agency to circumvent its legislative charter to issue speculative rulings without proper research and scientific guidance. By its own admission, EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson’s overhaul of the regulatory framework has “superseded” the program put in place to ensure transparency and open assessment of chemicals. This regulating by executive fiat has grown common over the last two years, resulting in onerous burdens on taxpayers and allowing bureaucrats to agitate, uninhibited, for more regulations. By setting its sights on silicones, the EPA is poised to derail a majority of economic activity in this country – without public input or scientific validation. The CAP could be released as early as next week. If you are part of a group that would like to be involved in the effort to stop the EPA, click here.