Many Legislators Support "Conspicuous" Bill

WASHINGTON – Americans for Tax Reform (ATR) strongly opposes efforts by members of the Colorado state Legislature to increase the Regional Transportation District sales tax by 67%.

At present, the sales tax is 0.6% but Legislators are considering increasing the tax to 1%, a 67% increase. Most residents of Colorado live in the regional transportation district.

"Taxpayers are protected from tax increases by the TABOR tax limitation amendment, which forces lawmakers to put tax increases on the ballot," said Grover Norquist, President of ATR. "By supporting this sales tax increase ballot measure, Legislators are supporting a tax increase."

The following members of the Colorado state Legislature have signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge sponsored by ATR, promising that they will "oppose and vote against any and all efforts to increase taxes."

Gov. Bill Owens
Treasurer Mike Coffman

1. Marilyn Musgrave (S-1)
2. Mark Hillman (S-2)
3. Doug Lamborn (S-9)
4. Andy McElhany (S-12)
5. Dave Owen (S-16)
6. Ken Arnold (S-23)
7. Alice Nichol (S-24)
8. John Andrews (S-27)
9. Bruce Cairns (S-28)
10. Bill L. Cadman (H-15)
11. William Sinclair (H-16)
12. Doug Dean (H-18)
13. Richard Decker (H-19)


14. Lynn Christian Hefley (H-20)
15. Keith King (H-21)
16. David Schultheis (H-22)
17. John Witwer (H-25)
18. Don Lee (H-28)
19. Mark Paschall (H-29)
20. Rob Fairbank (H-30)
21. Pam Rhodes (H-31)
22. Shawn Mitchell (H-33)
23. Joe Stengel (H-38)
24. Kenneth Kester (H-47)
25. Kay Alexander (H-58)
26. Mark Larson (H-59)
27. Joe Nunez (H-64)