According to a recent Gallup study, 60% of all Americans believe the federal government has too much power.  The percentage of Republicans who believe this is typically high, but recently the number of all Americans, Independents and Democrats included, dissatisfied with the federal government has grown to unprecedented levels.

Here are some recent examples of the large overreach of the federal government: 


1. They’ve Been Spying on Us!

We’ve recently seen an incredible abuse of Section 215 of the PATRIOT Act, leading to the National Security Administration collecting hordes of data from the average American’s phone records. 

Americans can no longer trust their government to respect their privacy and government acting as “Big Brother” from 1984 no longer sounds like a fiction story.

2. The IRS is Judging You

Yet another government agency under scrutiny for abusing its powers: the IRS.  This past summer, Americans learned the IRS was specifically targeting conservative organizations, requesting personal information on employees, donor information, and other private data, as well as delaying tax exempt status grants.

As if that weren’t bad enough, the IRS also can’t even keep track of your money: $67 million in a slush fund for Obamacare just mysteriously “went missing.”

3. They Want to Tax our Internet Too?

Congress is currently considering a bill, The Marketplace Fairness Act, which would allow state governments to collect sales tax on purchases you make online.  This legislation would hurt individuals and small businesses, discourage competition, and further infringe on consumer privacy.

This is yet another instance of the federal government working to impose additional taxes and regulations upon the American people and the internet.

4. Government Drones Galore! 

While previous administrations have been criticized for torturing terrorists, this administration resolves the issue by using drones to obliterate its enemies, including innocent bystanders who may be American citizens.

While Americans are generally enthusiasts of new technology and innovation, many fear the implications of the federal government’s liberal use of drone technology.  The threat of the government using drones against Americans has particularly driven interest and in part, sparked Senator Rand Paul’s filibuster in defense of American civil liberties.

5. Excessive EPA Regulations

Whether driving up costs for businesses and individuals by increasing regulations on greenhouse gases, coal, and stormwater, or killing jobs by fighting new energy opportunities like hydraulic fracturing, the Environmental Protection Agency has clearly overstepped its bounds.  The role of the EPA has gone from merely protecting the environment to attempting to sterilize it, hurting the millions of Americans in the process.  

6. Federal Government Healthcare Takeover

The federal government will now force businesses to purchase health insurance for full-time employees.  Sound fair? It’s not.  Not even implemented yet, already Obamacare increasing health premium costs by as much as 99%, causing businesses to cut hours for millions of workers to part-time , and infringing upon religious liberties.

Oh, and the president lied: Obamacare raises some taxes.  Or, many taxes, to be sure.

Way to go, federal government.