From the Washington Times"For the first time since the Great Depression, Americans took more aid from the government than they paid in taxes".

Just think about that for a moment. Let the full effect of what that sentence is saying seep in. Think about the transformation of our great country in just one year. 

Does anyone seriously think that our welfare state can possibly be sustainable? That as fewer and fewer people are being productive and working, and more and more receiving cash from the taxpayer, that more and more workers will not just start giving up? Shrugging? How can people be okay with this kind of senario?

And, as if to pour salt into the wound, we have congress still trying to ram socialized medicine down the throats of an unwilling public, mushrooming the burden on government, and ensuring more and more people suckle from the teat of the state. While the remaining workers suffer.This isn’t public policy debate, it’s pure madness.

At times, I feel like I’ve woken up in some strange science-fiction dystopia. I really do. 

(H/T The Corner)