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The Ronald Reagan Legacy Project — a special project of Americans for Tax Reform — commends Governor Greg Abbott for proclaiming Feb. 6 as “Ronald Reagan Day” in Texas.

Founded by ATR president Grover Norquist in 1997, the Ronald Reagan Legacy Project is committed to preserving the legacy of the 40th President of the United States throughout the nation and abroad. The project encourages the naming of buildings, roads, landmarks, and schools after the late President, with a long-term goal of dedication in every county in all 50 states.

The organization also works with governors to declare Feb. 6, the anniversary of Ronald Reagan’s birthday, as Ronald Reagan Day.

Governor Abbott’s Texas proclamation reads, in part:

Inheriting leadership of a nation stricken with rampant inflation and high unemployment, President Reagan pushed forward bold economic plans that led to unprecedented growth and opportunity throughout the country. His administration guided this recovery by cutting taxes, reining in government spending and red tape, and promoting job creation and equal opportunity for all.

Through his commitment to our armed forces, he restored pride in America and its values. His “peace through strength” policies forced the conflict that eventually brought about the collapse of the Soviet Union and the end of the Cold War, delivering freedom to hundreds of millions of people around the world. President Reagan was a man of his word who stood with America’s allies and did not back down from our foes.

There are currently 169 Reagan dedications worldwide. There are 151 dedications in 33 states and the District of Columbia, and 18 international dedications in nine countries including Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Bulgaria, Germany, England, Ireland, Grenada and the Republic of Georgia. Planning is underway for a significant monument in Kiev, Ukraine.

The most recent dedication came in June 2019 in Berlin, as the site of the “Tear Down This Wall” speech was named the Ronald Reagan Terrace.

Texas has at least 10 Reagan dedications statewide:

  • Ronald W. Reagan Middle School in Grand Prairie
  • Ronald Reagan Avenue in Hickory Creek
  • Ronald W. Reagan Building in Houston
  • Ronald W. Reagan Boulevard in Leander
  • Ronald Reagan Road in San Antonio
  • Ronald Reagan High School in San Antonio
  • Ronald Reagan Public Library in San Antonio
  • Ronald W. Reagan Boulevard in Williamson County
  • Ronald Reagan Memorial Highway in Tarrant County
  • Ronald Reagan Memorial Highway in Harris County

“Reagan reduced the size and scope of government, cut taxes for all Americans, and laid the foundation for economic prosperity,” said Norquist. “By the time he left office, America was freer, safer, and stronger in every way. Reagan’s leadership had a resounding impact on the lives of citizens here at home and individuals worldwide.”

If any readers have an idea for a new Reagan dedication, please contact Bailey Drouant at 202-785-0266 or [email protected].