The Ronald Reagan Legacy Project (RRLP) joins the likes of Michael Jackson, Bette Midler and Aerosmith in being lampooned by the popular Fox television show.

WASHINGTON- The drive to commemorate the legacy of our 40th president, Ronald Wilson Reagan, is penetrating the heights of popular culture, as evidenced by a segment on the popular Fox television show The Simpsons. For more than a decade, The Simpsons has served as a cultural barometer, commenting on every major social trend in its characteristic, offbeat way.

In last night\’s episode, local television star Crusty the Clown was running for Congress, and a mysterious cabal assembled to back his run. But before the smoke-filled room turned its attention to Crusty, there was more important business to discuss. From the March 9, 2003 episode of The Simpsons:

Springfield Republican Headquarters (A dark, eerie, haunted castle)

Mr. Burns: Welcome, fellow Republicans. To start with the old business, Brother Hibbard will read a report on our efforts to re-name everything after Ronald Reagan.

Dr. Hibbard: All Millard Fillmore schools are now Ronald Reagans. The Mississippi River is now the Mississippi Reagan.

Dracula: (Points to Frankenstein, seated next to him) And my good friend, Frankenstein, is now Franken-Reagan. Bleeeh!

Mr. Burns: Excellent!

"I feel like we have come of age!" said taxpayer advocate Grover Norquist, President of the Ronald Reagan Legacy Project. "In recent years we have had Washington, DC\’s airport renamed Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport, as well as having highways, schools, and hospitals dedicated in 18 states. We even have dedications in Grenada, the Marshall Islands, and several under consideration in the former Communist block. In addition, 17 governors and 22 state legislative bodies declared February 6, Reagan\’s 92nd birthday, "Ronald Reagan Day" in their states. But to be featured on The Simpsons means our movement has reached critical mass."

The RRLP is committed to preserving the legacy of one of America\’s greatest presidents. Among its aims, the Project seeks to name at least one monument to President Reagan in each of America\’s counties, and in nations that were once Communist. Grover Norquist, the RRLP President is a long time Washington insider. He is available for interviews about Ronald Reagan\’s legacy and the goals of the project.