As sad as it is to say, no one really expects that members of Congress are going to read a bill before they decide to pass it. Usually that means they see nothing wrong with pushing a bill out late and then quickly voting before anyone else has a chance to read it either.

Lucky for us though, the House Democrats have let slip the full text of their healthcare bill (read it here). We know they won’t read it, so it’s up to us.

ATR has already made note of several serious problems with the bill, including:

  • insurance mandates for both individuals and businesses
  • an excise tax on health insurance
  • steps towards full double-taxing of corporate income earned abroad
  • and of course, the new surtax on small businesses and high income earners

However, with 1,018 pages there’s bound to be some other surprises left in there. So if you can, do the work Congress won’t and read the bill. Leave a comment to let us know anything you find so we can make sure everyone else knows about it too.

HT: Reason