Rasmussen, an impartial arbiter and widely recognized as one of the the best in the polling business, recently surveyed 500 likely Arizona voters.  Results from the following questions should bring pause to Gov. Jan Brewer given that she wants to raise taxes by $3 billion in the middle of a recession: 

Do you favor or oppose a temporary tax increase to help stem the state’ budget shortfall?
65% Oppose
22% Favor
13% Not sure
How likely is it that a temporary tax hike will become permanent?
70% Very likely
19% Some what likely
8% Not very likely
1% Not at all likely
2% Not sure
These results also beg the following question: If the Arizona Republican Party’s only job is to win elections, why are they supporting a tax hike that a large majority of Arizonans clearly oppose. 
Click here for the full survey.