Rangel Tax Hike Fact of the Day #8

Every day, Americans for Tax Reform will release a new fact about Charlie Rangel’s trillion-dollar tax hike.  All prior facts of the day can be found on www.atr.org.  Today’s fact is:

“The Rangel Tax Hike Will Raise the Top Marginal Tax Rate to 47%”

There’s an old adage that people willingly surrender their freedoms incrementally, even if the same loss of freedom all at once would cause a revolt.  Charlie Rangel hopes the same is true with taxes.

Under current law, the top marginal tax rate on entrepreneurs is an ungodly 37.9%.  Rangel wants to raise this rate by nearly ten full points.

How does he do it?  By eating the elephant one bite at a time:

  • Immediately impose a surtax of 4.6%
  • Wait for the Bush tax cuts to expire, which raises the rate another 4.6%
  • Make sure that all small businesses have to pay the 2.9% Medicare tax

Put all that together, and you have a top marginal tax rate of 47.1%.  That would be the highest marginal tax rate in over twenty years.

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