Last week, the SEIU bussed people into the Illinois state capital in an astroturf operation calling for tax hikes to protect plushy union contracts. The professional protesters actually chanted "raise my taxes!"

Except, as the below video makes clear, it's not their taxes they want raised. Oh no, can't have that. Rather, it's your taxes:

Of course, this type of behavior is completely unsurprising from an unscrupulous and corrupt organization such as the SEIU, and there is no doubt that if taxes are raised, the economic effects will be disastrous. Still, the gall of these people never fails to astound.

(Oh, by the way, if you want to pay more taxes, just set up a "Tax Me More" fund. I'm sure SEIU members would love to contribute)

UPDATE: ATR's Brian Johnson was on KION radio on this very matter. Listen to the clip here!