In the contest to fill the seat being vacated by Republican Gubernatorial candidate Zach Wamp, Tennessee’s 3rd Congressional District has just landed a pair of pledge signers bringing the total to 3 so far who have put their names on the Taxpayer Protection Pledge. The two newest signers in the TN-3 race are Attorney Art Rhodes and Entrepreneur Mark DeVol.

Cook Political Report ranks TN-03 as R+13 on the Partisan Voter Index (PVI). Barring any unforeseen events, the winner of the Republican primary appears to be the likely winner in the general election.
As pledge signers, Mr. DeVol and Mr. Rhodes have made a commitment to the taxpayers in Tennessee that they will fight to ensure that their taxes are not increased. Outgoing Congressman Wamp is a current pledge-signer and we here at ATR encourage all candidates in TN-3, as well as all candidates for Federal office to follow suit and pledge to the taxpayers that they will do their part in fighting on behalf of the interests of those who elect them.
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